Course aim

Purpose   & Learning Outcomes

General objectives

The purpose of this program is the Initiation into the operation of the economic organization in the new eRa through the post graduate teaching and research in cutting-edge issues related to International Business Administration.

Greece which infests by the economic crisis can be treated with extroversion. This means that those organizations which operate or wish to operate in an international environment with new working conditions using   the new technology will be able to survive.

Those organizations can operate in local or international environment in Greece or in other EU countries.

Thus the concept "International Management" is exploited with reference to the Business operations and is based in the management standards of the 3rd Industrial Revolution or the Information Society. This is affected by the competitiveness of the Organization in a Global World and not by the place in which business activities are conducted.

The objective of the postgraduate program is   focused on long-standing problems of the Greek economy, as a result of the introspection that Greek Organizations operate and present new business challenges of the Sharing Economy.

The program has been designed so as to provide an effective education to    the complex issues associated with the global business environment by implementing a human-centered philosophy in Marketing and Human Resource Management.

The obligatory modules of the program are analyzed the concepts of modern administration, Marketing, Accounting illustration of economic and financial concepts, new sources of funding, Organizational Behavior in the new international environment and quantitative methods for managers.

 Then the students will choose which direction to follow in accordance with their own professional orientation, which will be able to specialize in areas such as International Marketing or International Human Resources.
Special emphasis is given to the initiation of students in research through the course of research methodology and the preparation of their dissertation is a preform for a doctoral thesis.              


Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • operate as manager especially  in Marketing and Human Resource Management areas.
  • comprehend the complex issues of international and global business environment by implementing a human-centered philosophy in the Organization creating CSR conditions.
  • analyze basic concepts of business operations   based on quantitative outcomes of both productivity and efficiency of the actors.
  • examine    problems, social rights, equality, social justice, and the role of modern social services.
  • appraise the value of the research methodology and to examine,  analyze   research evidences    through their research dissertations.