Message from course director

On behalf of the M.Sc. in Business Management programm  of the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences Greece, welcome and thank you for choosing to study with us.

We live in interesting times and I am excited by the challenges that lie ahead. Considering the complex business and finance challenges that we face on a global scale, we must strive to equip future business leaders with the competence and character to address them.

We hope you will find this site a useful source of information, but we would like to emphasize that we are always available should you require clarification on the contents of the program or advice on any other matter.

The course is designed to provide graduates with a rigorous education in many complex issues associated with international and global business by applying the philosophy and skillsets of Marketing or Human Resource Management. By studying the essential theory in operational marketing or HRM, graduates will be encouraged to develop their own marketing or HRM strategies for applications based on real and simulated business issues.

Students going on to complete the M.Sc. program are expected to show a high level of conceptual ability in applying advanced theoretical materials to marketing or HRM problems.

Corporate community sharing

We work closely with our corporate community and, having developed a Strategic Board, this enables us to position accomplished recruits in participating corporations.

Emeritus Professor P. Kyriazopoulos (Ph.D.)

Course Director